Using Blockchain for Real Estate

The Christmas holidays are coming up, and all you can hear and read online is blockchain, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, ethereum and the list goes on. You are probably just focused on building up your real estate investments based on the advice provided in previous articles, but all you hear about is this blockchain technology taking over the world.

Is it really that way?

Well…I don’t know about taking over the world, but when Wall Street starts adding bitcoin futures to their market, then you know things are starting to get serious. There are so many cryptocurrencies that are used for monetary transactions, in a similar way bitcoin works (or Litecoin and all those other mimic coins.) If you have been reading articles such as this one here, you probably have heard of tokens being created that allow for transactions in the grocery industry, or sporting bets online, or even the stock market. We are witnessing the “tokenization” of – literally – everything.

But what about real estate?

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Your arrival at GMS Properties

Guys, I know…it has been too long! We kept on promising a launch date without being able to stick to it and for that we deeply apologize. A bunch of things have been going around here, and this is the first change we’ve had to get a launch.

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