About GMS

I know this page comes across as a real estate company looking to sell property or find people looking to sell, but in reality, although it is related to realtors and real estate, it’s more of an educational page. Here, we hardly are going to push any of our own properties or client’s properties. Our main focus will be on helping you all out, find good real estate deals: whether you are looking for single family homes, for apartment complexes or even shopping centers and malls.

We want you to be covered on all ends. What’s in it for us? Personal satisfaction!

Actually we are kidding: you see, ¬†when people understand how real estate (and the whole real estate process) works, it makes our jobs a lot easier. So instead of incorporating a blog in our own business’s website (offering the knowledge just for few) we are making this mega platform that will hopefully reach a lot more people…not just our clients. But again: why are we doing this?

Well, if every real estate agent and company cared to offer education to the public, it would actually make us more money. Because when you understand real estate and investments, you don’t chicken out on deals (so that means you will be spending more, and we are going to be collecting more in commissions and fees.) So when a deal falls through just because of lack of investment knowledge and the greater picture, then we lose money. So ultimately, in the long run and indirectly, this blog is going to make our company money. Not an immediate ROI, but this is the point: we see the greater picture!

I hope you find a lot of good information here, and hopefully you will tune in everyday to figure out what we got for you all!