2017 A Great Year For ICOs

There has been a lot of talk about bitcoin, ethereum and a ton of other cryptocurrencies. Traditional news outlets and niche related media platforms alike, have been discussing the rise of cryptocurrencies. However, 2017 was not just a big year for cryptocurrencies but also the launch of new companies – the ICOs.

If you recall, back in August China started banning ICOs as there were a lot that were scamming people from their money, in order to just take off with the millions they had raised. 2017 saw a huge spike in the number of ICOs that launched – more than ever before.

Which makes sense when you think about it. Cryptocurrencies, as a concept started in 2008 with Bitcoin. It’s a very fresh technological achievement, and so far didn’t have a huge value that would make the news. Now that we are witnessing the first crypto millionaires and billionaires, more and more entities are getting interested in raising free capital for tokens in exchange. It’s an easier route to launching an IPO – that’s for sure. ICOs, don’t even need to have a platform or clients using their products. Literally, you can have just a good idea, and people are willing to put money into your project, just because they think it will be successful. There is a handful of cryptos with a billion dollar market cap, that are now just building out their platform/product.

Not a big fan of that to be honest…there’s a long road between vision and application. Paying for another idea, won’t cut it for me, and it just doesn’t excite me. What I do like, is when companies are already established and are just exploiting the ICO route as a means to raise more money. So in other words, companies that aren’t necessarily dependent on the success of their ICO in order to succeed. A company like that is Rentberry.

They have been in business since 2015 and are based in San Francisco. In that time, they have grown to over 120,000 users and 200,000+ properties online. So we are definitely talking about applying an idea, and not just wishing and hoping for things to happen. You can read more here: https://rentberry.cryptonomos.com/

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